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Europe: our future today as in the past.

Image with Text "Europe stands with Ukraine

We strongly condemn Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine, which is contrary to international law. In view of the current situation, it is clearer than ever that national policies have reached their limits. Therefore, we reiterate our call for long-term solutions in European cooperation. This includes a common foreign policy, the development of a European army and a European strategy to free ourselves from energy imports from non-EU countries. In the short term, we also advocate a comprehensive energy embargo, because especially in times of crisis we have to put values before economic interests.


Bild zu "Art for Freedom"

ART FOR FREEDOM - Ausstellung & Diskussion

Volt Deutschland, Deutsch
9 Sept 2022
Am 15. September eröffnet die Ausstellung “Art for Freedom” des ukrainischen Kunstkollektivs Pictoric in der Bundesgeschäftsstelle von Volt.
Foto von Mykhaylo Pobigay -  Volt Ukraine

Volt Ukraine gegründet

Volt Deutschland, Deutsch
29 Aug 2022
Volt Ukraine wird das 31. Länder-Team Volt Europas

Bundesparteitag: Volt legt Kurs bis zur Europawahl fest

Volt Deutschland, Deutsch
23 Aug 2022
Änderungen des Grundsatzprogramms & Richtungsdebatten bei 5%-Hürde und Bildungsthemen

Blinde Flecken: Der Krieg gegen die Ukraine & die deutsche Debatte

Volt Deutschland, Deutsch
6 Jul 2022
Wann begann der russische Angriffskrieg auf die Ukraine wirklich? Welche Aspekte vernachlässigen die deutschen Debatten?

People. Make. Volt.

For us every human is a building brick for a better Europe. Everyone is an opportunity, an enrichment and a key to a positive future.

Europe can only grow when every person utilises their full potential.

No matter what experiences you bring, where you come from, how much time you want to invest and how much responsibility you want to take on. We want to reform Europe together with YOU!

Damian Boeselager

Damian Boeselager

Member of EU Parliament

Oberkörper einer lächelnden jungen Frau mit blondem Zopf, blauen Augen im schwarzen Oberteil.

Rebekka Müller

Chairperson of the Board

Elena Witzel

Elena Witzel

NRW (North-Rhine-Westphalia)
Equal Rights Representative

Josephine Rinck

Josephine Rinck

Experts for Volt in Bonn

Mathis Winkler

Mathis Winkler

Member and Former City-Lead of Volt Berlin

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Volt Discussion Series _ Sex Work

Volt Europa, English
28 Sept 2022, 17:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC
This edition of the Volt Discussion Series focuses on the sex workers industry.
Poster for online event_Czechia Deep Dive

Czechia Dive Deep

Volt Europa, English
28 Sept 2022, 18:00 UTC - 19:30 UTC
Arrive fully prepared at the GA and dive deep into the wonderful world of Czechia!

Volt Policy Summit 2022

Volt Europa, English
1 Oct 2022, 10:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC
We invite all Volt members to join the policy summit and discuss the policy proposals with the Members Assembly.
Volt Event

Meet Volt Europa - October 2022

Volt Europa, English
22 Oct 2022, 17:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC
Hang out with us, get to know Volt and learn more about our way of shaping the future of Europe.