Samuel Rossi

Samuel Rossi

Samuel Rossi

Municipal Councillor in the Municipality of Zovencedo

Age: 20
Job: Municipal Councillor with the delegation on Culture in the Municipality of Zovencedo, Italy
Education:  International Relationships for Marketing at "G. Piovene" Institute of Vicenza, Political Science course at the University of Padua

You have every interest in fighting for your future.

I am …

just a teenager who grew up always expressing disappointment in things. This prompted me to look for change, which then led me to politics.

Volt convinces me because ...

I am proud to support the values of Volt. The idea of working with many different people from all over Europe made me fall in love with this movement. After all that the world has gone through, it is finally time to help each other.

My vision for Europe is ...

a continent that shows the world that what is considered utopia can be true. A peaceful, fair, prosperous Europe, by people for people.

My goals for Zovencedo are ...

to show everyone the beauty of a rural region where I live. It is not true that we are a different world compared to cities. Modern technology and respect for nature can be achieved in rural areas. I will do everything to make it possible. Everything can be done. We just have to remember that we are not alone in this world and that there are billions of other people we can learn from.