Stefan Kanitzky

Stefan Kanitzky

Member of the City Council

Member of the City Council of Wolfsburg since 02.11.2016, since 06/2019 as member of the FDP parliamentary group, previously member of the CDU parliamentary group.
Member of Volt since 12/2019. Voting member of the Committee for Migration and Integration, Sports Committee, Education House Committee, Advisory Board for International Relations and Supervisory Board of Wolfsburg Wirtschaft und Marketing GmbH.
Basic mandate in the Committee for Social Affairs and Health, Committee for the Fallersleben Sulphur Bath Fallersleben and Supervisory Board of Wolfsburg Drainage Works.

European from Wolfsburg. Born and grown up in Wolfsburg, 3 years in Brazil during childhood, during which time I learned to love and appreciate Europe.

Business administrator in international sales at Volkswagen, supporting the "way to zero emissions

After graduating from high school completed a dual course of study in business administration with integrated training as an industrial clerk. Later completed a part-time course in sports management. Currently studying an MBA in Digital Transformation.

What has motivated me to join Volt

When I decided to become politically active in 2014, I was looking for a party like Volt and did not find one: a completely new political approach based on pragmatic solutions, detached from the classic left-right pigeonhole thinking.

I first became aware of Volt during the European elections, and after a short period of observation I realised that Volt was exactly the right party for me. Since then I have never regretted leaving an established party.

What I find particularly inspiring about Volt is the cooperation and exchange at all levels, from local to European, from interested parties/volunteers to the executive board and MEPs.

Goals for my mandate

  • To make "Volt's Way" tangible locally: Think European, act local!
  • To guide the attention of the "Autostadt" Wolfsburg toward a possible sustainable future with new approaches to mobility and climate protection. Unfortunately, we have failed with our demand for an environmental committee, but at least a climate advisory board has been set up.
  • Establish the Wolfsburg Educational Centre (merger of adult education centre and library) as an institution for lifelong learning through a sustainable concept.
  • Strengthen the international orientation of the city of Wolfsburg taking into account its history (109 nationalities, many families as descendants of guest workers) through international cooperation and the promotion of intercultural offers in the city.