Stefan Kanitzky

Stefan Kanitzky

Stefan Kanitzky

Municipal Councillor in the City of Wolfsburg


Profession: Project Manager at Volkswagen

Change is caused by action, not just by thoughts

I am …

a European born in Wolfsburg, who has been interested in politics for a long time and believes that one should not just grumble but change things oneself. For this reason I joined the CDU in 2014 and was elected to the city council of Wolfsburg in 2016. Since December 2019 I have found my political home at Volt. My second great passion besides politics is sports, actively as a footballer and passively as a fan of almost all sports.

Volt convinces me because …

Volt's political approach is exactly how I have always wanted to make politics: pragmatic, progressive, together. Not thinking in terms of pigeonholes or ideologies, but looking for the best solution. Already at the first meetings I was thrilled by the enthusiasm and drive of the members and the opportunities for participation. Volt exemplifies how democracy should work.

My vision for Europe is ...

together we are strong! A cosmopolitan, colourful and positive continent that is a model for the rest of the world. A continent that does not patronise other countries, but tries to understand and support them. Who presents solutions to the great questions of mankind and is committed to global and sustainable goals. A continent where cooperation counts. Where, like in a family, people sometimes argue, but at the end of the day they stand up for a common cause and support each other. A continent that never stands still and is constantly developing, without letting people down.

My goals for Wolfsburg are ...

to bring Volt's Way to Wolfsburg. To establish solutions from Europe in my home country and to export good solutions from my home country to Europe. I would like to realize my vision of Europe in Wolfsburg. The main topics are: Sustainable mobility for a car city, digitalisation of administrative services, diverse educational opportunities for all age groups, promotion of international cooperation.