Voluntary transparency: donations over € 3,000

In accordance with No. 12 of our donation and transparency guidelines, we voluntarily publish all donations over 3,000 Euros on our website within 15 working days.

28.01.2019Claus von Loeper20.000,00
08.03.2019Petra Flohr5.000,00
27.03.2019Christian Oldendorff95.000,00
12.04.2019Procudo GmbH10.000,00
23.04.2019Wolfgang Kerkhoff5.000,00
29.04.2019Bold Ventures GmbH5.000,00
30.04.2019Ludwig Douglas10.000,00
30.04.2019Daniel Wild5.000,00
03.05.2019Leopold Douglas10.000,00
10.05.2019Wolfgang Nardi10.000,00
14.05.2019Wolfgang Kerkhoff5.000,00
11.11.2019Autorenwelt GmbH5.000,00
19.11.2019Wilhelm Uschtrin4.000,00
17.12.2019Wolfgang Kerkhoff5.000,00
09.07.2020Frank Fremerey5.000,00
10.07.2020Frank Fremerey9.000,00
19.10.2020karlanders GmbH4.640,00
30.11.2020karlanders GmbH4.640,00
07.12.2020APRO Computer und Dienstleistungs GmbH4.000,00
31.12.2020Henri de Bokay3.300,00

Donation and Transparency Guidelines

Volt Germany is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and transparency in its handling of donations, going beyond the legal requirements.

1. Volt Germany as a political party is entitled to accept donations (§ 25 I PartG = German Political Party Law).

2. In the following, a donation is understood as any voluntary donation for political purposes which is made without service in return. Donations may consist of cash or non-cash contributions.

3. Only those natural or legal persons are understood as being donors of Volt Germany whose donation has been accepted by Volt Germany.

4. Volt Germany voluntarily commits itself to accept donations exclusively from donors who do not contradict the goals and values of Volt Germany. Volt Germany reserves the right to refuse donations without giving reasons and to refund the donation within 20 working days, less transaction costs.

5. If Volt Germany becomes aware at any time of activities of a donor that are contrary to the aims and values of Volt, Volt Germany reserves the right to refund the donation and remove the name from the donation list.

6. Donations are accepted from all natural or legal persons within the framework of the legal regulations of § 25 II PartG. Donations of more than 500 Euros where the donor is not clearly identifiable will not be accepted.

7. Beyond No. 6, no donations exceeding 100 Euros and whose origin is unknown will be accepted. Should it not be possible to return such a donation, it will be donated to a purpose consistent with the objectives stated in the preamble of our statutes.

8. Donations from companies or for-profit organisations will only be accepted if they do not intend to influence the political direction of Volt Germany. The treasurer decides on the acceptance.

9. Donations from outside the Federal Republic of Germany are only accepted up to 1.000 Euros - unless the donor can prove citizenship of a member state of the European Union.

10. Volt Germany can issue a donation receipt in accordance with § 34g, § 10b EstG (EStG = German Income Tax Law, so-called "donation receipt"). For donations exceeding 200 Euros, Volt Germany will issue this confirmation without being asked until the end of February of the following year. Since German Tax Offices usually recognise the remittance slip as a simplified proof of donation for all donations up to 200 Euros, confirmations for donations below this amount will only be issued upon the explicitely stated request of the donor.

11. Donations of a donor whose total amount exceeds 10000 Euros in a calendar year shall be recorded in Volt's annual financial report, stating the name and address of the donor and the total amount of the donation. Individual donations exceeding the amount of 50000 Euros will be reported immediately to the President of the German Bundestag. The personal data of the donor as well as the total amount of the donation will be published as a Bundestag printed matter and on the website of the Bundestag. (cf. § 25 III PartG)

12. Volt Germany also undertakes to voluntarily notify donors whose total amount of donations in a calender year exceeds 3000 Euros and to publish the total amount together with the name on this website within 15 working days.

Internal Guidelines of Volt Europa applicable also to Volt Germany