New Politics. A New Europe.

The challenges of our time know no borders.  That is the reason why we need new politics for a new Europe.

Our new Europe is based on these five core topics: 

1. Federal European Republic

2. Self-determined digitalisation

3. Climate-protective economy

4. New start in education

5. ONE society

We can only achieve these goals if we work together across Europe. Quite the full spirit of the sentence that unites us, the #GenerationEurope:

Our Future. Made in Europe.

Federal European Republic

united // reformed // federal


All of this is preceded by our demand for a reform of the European Union (EU).

Currently, the EU suffers from a lack of unity and power to act. The heads of state and government primarily pursue their national interests. Because of this limited view they lose sight of the fact that only as a community can we effectively tackle the global challenges of our time, such as migration, the rule of law, and the digital revolution.

We say that we need a European Republic that allows its citizens  to determine their own future:

a united Europe in which politics is shaped close to the people, from the regions and in a strong European Parliament, federally and decentrally instead of by the heads of the national states.

Self-determined digitalisation

independent // secure // open-source


Digitalisation - yes, but how? We want Germany to promote digitalisation that drives the economy, innovation and social justice. Exchange of ideas and open interfaces can take us forward anywhere in the world. We see the opportunities instead of the obstacles. However, to achieve this, we want to actively set a framework for digitalisation even before the digital turning point: By developing technologies independently of China and the USA, which guarantee the data protection of all citizens.

A self-determined digital strategy for Europe starts with anchoring digitalisation in our society. This means that the personal benefit, but also the protection of our citizens, determines the direction of the digital strategy. Artificial intelligence, technical support and innovations must serve everyone. Self-determined digitalisation is open to all - it promotes equal opportunities and prevents monopolies. It facilitates access to public services and makes state administration more transparent and efficient.

Climate-protective economy

climate-neutral // entrepreneurial // social


Climate protection, economic and social issues cannot be thought of separately. Nevertheless, action must be taken now so that we limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and are completely climate neutral by 2040 - and as socially responsible as possible. Climate protection must not be a luxury. This can be achieved with a climate-protecting social market economy that is measured against new standards: we stand for an economy that acts on behalf of climate protection and in harmony with human needs.

To this end, we rely on European companies and technical innovations that are partners for the climate without endangering jobs and without sacrificing efficiency. We are convinced that the limits for successful climate protection are currently set by ourselves. With the right will in politics and society, entrepreneurial innovation potential serves us as the key to success.

New Start in Education

individual // life-long // innovative


Our education system no longer corresponds to the reality of life today. We live much longer and social professions are becoming more and more important. Our world is becoming more and more digital and constantly exposes us to new stimuli. We now know much more about individual strengths and weaknesses and can respond to them appropriately. All this makes a fundamentally new education system indispensable. We need a uniform level of education/examination for Germany, but we can only achieve this if the individual schools can react to local circumstances in a more self-determined way.

We see education as a lifelong process: Education must be open at every age and for every personality. Strengths and weaknesses must be promoted individually and must be able to receive support at every stage of life. That is why we advocate for further education opportunities, digitalised educational institutions as well as digital and innovative learning methods. Only if citizens are able to continuously educate themselves will our society be able to move forward transparently and as a whole.

ONE society

integrative // solidary // active


In a globalised world, there are many contradictions. Contradictions are not a bad thing, but a component of a functioning democracy. A colourful society is much stronger in the face of current and future challenges: It acts in mutual respect, in solidarity, combines many personal strengths, is resilient and expands our world view. Only when society includes everyone and also protects the weakest will its strength be built up.

Neither state nor human borders help us to master global problems. After all, our future belongs to everyone and society thrives on plurality and exchange. That is why we are reshaping politics: everyone can actively participate. As a movement, we bring politics to the centre of society. We break down all walls based on origin, skin colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, profession, income and other characteristics. If we stick together as ONE society, we can do it as ONE Europe.

Our Basic Programme

Here you can download the complete policy programme of Volt Germany