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We shape solution-oriented, forward-looking policies throughout Europe. Because we are convinced that common challenges need cross-border solutions. Anyone who is serious about the future of Europe must think and act European. Our vision: a united Europe with a federal democracy. That is why we must use pragmatic solutions from Europe to reform the German education system. That is why we must tackle the climate crisis together and in a socially just way.

How can Europe emerge from the crisis?

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Currently, we are facing huge challenges in Europe. These include the pandemic and its effects, Russia's war against Ukraine, and the advancing climate crisis. But also our increasing dependence on China, as well as the growing right-wing populism and extremism within the EU make it clear that Europe must finally find common solutions.

To counter the crises of our time, we need a reform of the European Union now. Currently, the EU lacks unity and strength to act. Our vision is a European Republic that lets its citizens decide about their future. A united Europe in which politics is shaped close to the people, from within the regions and in a strong European Parliament.

What does Volt want to do to ensure that the EU is finally able to act?

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Our demands at a glance

  1. We want to abolish the right of veto of the member states and give the European Parliament more decision-making power.
  2. To ensure that Europe remains safe from dictatorships and autocracies, we want to combine the national armed forces into an effective and well-equipped European army integrated into NATO.
  3. Citizens should be able to vote according to a common, fair electoral law and have better opportunities for participation at the European level.
  4. In the long term, we need a comprehensive reform of the European Union! On the basis of a European constitution, a federal European republic is to be founded with all states that declare their willingness to do so.

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We need social justice in the climate crisis!

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The climate crisis will change all our lives. Heat, droughts, flooding - we are already clearly feeling the effects of the climate crisis throughout Europe. This shows: The climate crisis does not stop at national borders! Only together can we take on and master this task. We are convinced that only a holistic approach will take us further: a triad of climate neutrality, economic prosperity and social justice.

What measures does Volt propose to tackle the climate crisis holistically and equitably?

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Our demands at a glance

  1. Renewable energies are the key to our climate-neutral and independent future. In close cooperation with our European neighbours, we need to expand wind and solar power as well as the Europe-wide electricity grid. We rely on a common European strategy and infrastructure that takes decentralised supply into account.
  2. Coal phase-out by 2030 at the latest.
  3. In the future, mobility in Europe must be climate-friendly and socially just! That is why we demand a comprehensive high-speed rail network throughout Europe and affordable public transport - with, for example, a €365 ticket like the one in Vienna.
  4. For a uniform CO2 price throughout Europe, we want to expand European emissions trading and limit the permitted emissions through fewer certificates. We will use the revenues from the CO2 price for a fair path to climate neutrality. One third will be invested in research, one third in the expansion of renewables and one third in the introduction of a climate dividend.

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Our education system must arrive in the 21st century!

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Our education system no longer corresponds to today's reality of life. There are 40,000 vacancies in the education sector, multingual children have the highest risk of failing in education, and digitisation in the classroom is still a long time coming. All this makes a fundamentally new education system indispensable. In Scandinavia, many steps have already been taken to modernise teaching in schools. We advocate that Germany must adopt successful approaches from these countries. We are convinced that the reform of the education system must be approached boldly, progressively and evidence-based.

What does Volt want to do to fundamentally reform our education system?

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Our demands at a glance

  1. We want to abolish segmentation in the school system. There is a need for common schools where children can individually live out their strengths.
  2. We want to dismantle federalism in German education, otherwise there can be no real educational and equal opportunities.
  3. We need more school autonomy in terms of staffing and budget decisions, and we need to support schools in developing their own profile.
  4. Education must be understood as something lifelong, because only in this way can we, away from the concept of "school", give people the opportunity to continue their education and to take new paths later in life.

We want to reform the education system according to the best examples in Europe. Are you with us?

Our policy programme

Here you can download the complete policy programme of Volt Germany

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