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Are you a fan of Europe and do you support our idea of a federal Europe? Do you also think that it is time to rethink politics, but due to lack of time you are not able to play an active role yourself? Or you don't want to commit yourself directly to Volt by becoming a party member for other reasons? Then our supporting membership is the best way to support us regularly

This is how our supporting membershop works

  • As a supporting member you help us and our goals with a monthly contribution of 10 Euros or more. Your regular contribution helps us to plan sustainably and in the long term.
  • At the same time, we will provide you with regular information about our work and keep you up-to-date on all important activities at Volt. As a supporting member you are also welcome to participate in all Volt events.
  • Your contribution is treated like a donation for tax purposes, so you can get up to 50% back (see below). At the same time, we receive up to 45% of your contribution in the form of subsidies from the German state party financing. 10 Euros membership fee costs you in most cases only 5 Euros, but brings us additional income of 14,50 Euros.

Apply for Supporting Membership

You can cancel your supporting membership at any time without giving reasons.

Tax deductibility of donations to Volt Germany

  • As a private person, you can claim your contributions to Volt Germany for tax purposes up to an amount of 3,300 Euros per calendar year (6,600 Euros for jointly assessed spouses or registered civil partnerships).
  • Up to 1,650 Euros of your contributions can be deducted directly from your tax liability at a rate of 50% in accordance with § 34g EStG (EStG = German income tax law) (3,300 Euros for jointly assessed spouses or registered partnerships). Your income tax will thus be reduced by a maximum of up to 825 Euros (1,650 Euros in the case of joint assessment).
  • A further up to 1,650 Euros of your donations are deductible as special expenses in accordance with § 10 (2) EStG (3,300 Euros in the case of a joint assessment). Here, the tax savings depend on your personal tax rate, as only the taxable income is reduced.

Confirmation of donations / donation receipts

  • Volt Germany can issue you a donation receipt for your donation (so-called "donation receipt"). For all individual donations that exceed 200 Euros, Volt Germany will issue this confirmation without being asked by the end of February of the following year. As the tax offices usually accept the transfer confirmation from your bank as a simplified proof of donation for all donations up to 200 Euros, donation receipts for donations below this amount will only be issued upon your explicit request. (see § 50 (4) No. 2 Letter c) EStDV)
  • Please note that donation receipts can only be issued to the holder of the account from whom the donation was transferred to Volt Germany.

Contact for donors

If you have any questions about your donation, you can always contact us at