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We have achieved a lot - Volt's path toward a new Europe

New energy in parliaments

The Brexit vote in 2016, growing right-wing populism, and a Europe that is losing its common strength: Volt does not want to close its eyes to these pan-European tasks but actively work on them. Our approach: The challenges throughout Europe must finally be solved together.

Since Volt's foundation in 2017, we have come a lot closer to this goal: Just two years later, Damian Boeselager became the first Volt delegate to enter the European Parliament. But the 2019 European election was only the beginning. In the meantime more than 80 mandate holders have been elected throughout Europe: as a party that is active throughout Europe we are already present in many regional parliaments - and even help shape things on the national level. In Germany, too, we are forming the first government alliances in city councils.

Our electoral successes show that together, as citizens, we can strengthen Europe's future. Because several million people have already put their trust in Volt. We take their mandate seriously: wherever we sit, we represent our programme and the voice of our voters clearly and objectively.

Your vote for Volt is a vote for a clear social liberal and pro-European policy. We are not driven by populism but by science-based facts.

With a few examples, we would like to show you where we are already successfully making new policies: Because you can help us to reshape Germany's future: pan-European, progressive and pragmatic!

Our delegates represent you all over Europe: we are proud of each and every one of them! On our overview page you can find information about all the elections throughout Europe in which Volt has participated or is planning to participate.

Local elections in Lower Saxony

The year 2021 was a "super election year" also for Volt Lower Saxony. Volt teams across Lower Saxony contested the local elections on 12 September and won 16 mandates in various city, local and district councils.

Candidates from Lower Saxony also ran for mandates in the federal elections on 26 September. Even if it was not enough to get into the Bundestag, we clearly drew attention to our movement and carried our pan-European view and our striving for a united Europe into all regions of Germany.

Volt-Infostand in Göttingen

Eine Gruppe von ca. 30 Volter*innen steht in zwei Reihen mit Umhängeplakaten. Auf den Plakaten sind die Kandidierenden und Aufschriften wie "Sozialer Wohnungsbau wie in Wien?", "Autoarme Innenstadt wie in Madrid?" und "Fahrrad fahren wie in Kopenhagen?"

Almost 5 percent in Cologne

Almost five percent from a standing start? No problem for the cathedral city! With 4.98 per cent of the vote, Volt Köln has won four seats on the city council in the municipal elections in autumn 2020.

And it got even better: our four Volters are now part of the Cologne government alliance with the Greens and the CDU.

"The strong election result in September 2020 showed that many people in Cologne are ready for a policy that brings Europe back to the community. Our best practice examples, such as "social housing like in Vienna", which we promoted during the election campaign, can now be actively introduced into the council's work. I find it very motivating to see how the whole team is growing in this process."

Susanne Groß - Deputy City-Lead from Cologne and Speaker for Gender Equality Policy

"Grape coalition" in Bonn

Together with the Greens, the SPD and the Left, Volt makes progressive and pragmatic policies in the Bonn city council. We owe this to 5.07 percent of Bonn's citizens who voted for Volt in September 2020. We were able to inspire thousands for a change in politics. For this we say thank you!

Three highly motivated Volt councillors have been sitting on the city council since the local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, and they are bringing new impulses to the university city. We even form our own parliamentary group and chair the subcommittee on digitalisation and organisation. Our goal is to restructure the city administration along the lines of Estonia and make Bonn a more bicycle-friendly, sustainable city.

"The Bonn election result with over 5% of the vote makes me aware of how many people there are who actually give a vote to a progressive, pragmatic and all-European party like us. This makes me very confident for future elections and motivates me enormously!

Julius Wagner - City-Lead Bonn

Sechs Volter*innen stehen auf der Treppe zum Rathaus in Bonn. Sie tragen Umhängeschilder von Volt mit Aufschriften wie "Sozialer Wohnungsbau wie in Wien?", "Digitalisierung wie in Estland?", "Autoarme Innenstadt wie in Madrid?" und "Fahrrad fahren wie in Kopenhagen?"

Mehrere Volter*innen stehen für das Foto mit ihren Umhängeschildern zusammen. Auf den Schildern steht unter anderem: "Digitalisierung wie in Estland?", "Autoarme Innenstadt wie in Madrid?" und "Fahrrad fahren wie in Kopenhagen?"

Fifth strongest force in Darmstadt

We are particularly proud of our Volt team in Darmstadt: a total of 4,000 voters voted for Volt in the local elections in Hesse in March 2021. That makes a great 6.88 percent and five Volters in the city council.

Volt's main goal for the next five years? To again more strongly promote a constructive attitude, appreciation and cooperation in Darmstadt's politics.

Damian in the European Parliament

Founded in 2017, in the European Parliament in 2019: that's how fast it can happen when you pursue committed goals with concentrated energy!

As a pan-European party, Volt participated in the 2019 European Parliament elections for the very first time. There, as an unknown newcomer, we directly won a seat with the votes from Germany.

Damian Boeselager founded Volt with a French woman and an Italian man. Today, he is fighting for a new policy in the Greens/EFA parliamentary group! One of his main concerns is the wish of many Europeans to finally make migration humane and to welcome refugees in an open society.

Volt France - Damian Boeselager
Mehrere Volter*innen laufen durch eine Einkaufspassage in den Niederlanden. Sie tragen Klamotten und Schilder mit Volt-Logo.

Volt in the Tweede Kamer

With three MPs and 2.4 percent of the vote, Volt entered the Dutch parliament in March 2021. For the first time, Volt members are sitting at the direct source of national policy-making!

Already in the first run-up of our election campaign Volt was able to win thousands of new faces. A complete success on which we want to build. The potential is far from exhausted!

Volt Bulgaria in the national parliament

In September, the electoral alliance "We Continue the Change", in which Volt Bulgaria also contested, was founded as an anti-corruption party. In November 2021, the alliance became the strongest political force in Bulgaria with more than 25 percent! This means that we are represented as a political movement and party in a second national parliament alongside the Netherlands 💜

Nastimir Ananiev from Volt Bulgaria moved in as an elected mandate holder and with Ventislava Lyubenova a second elected Volt representative could even move up.

Support Bulgarians -  ValuesOverPower

Of course, we have also participated in many other cities (from small to large) and countries. In many of them, Volt is already actively involved in council work: Munich, Aachen, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and many more. You can also find all elections with Volt's participaation on our European overview page. And you can find more information for your city via a link on the overview page of cities and regions.

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