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A message from the co-presidents of Volt Europa

Volt Europa, English
4 Nov 2020
regarding the recent events in Austria and France

The EU must address the homelessness crisis & act now!

Volt Europa, English
1 Nov 2020
With Covid-19 infections rising and all of us urged to “stay at home” again, we must urgently help those who simply have no home.
Thank you Volters!

One Year With the Board

Volt Europa, English
22 Oct 2020
A year has passed since the European Board’s election by the General Assembly in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sanction the Aggressors: Enforce a Karabakh truce!

Volt Europa, English
14 Oct 2020
Even though the Russian-hosted peace talks were welcomed, the bombs keep falling! Volt calls on the EU to urgently install a hybrid mediation mission
NRW picture

Volt achieves overwhelming election results in the North Rhine-Westphalia local elections

Volt Europa, English
14 Sep 2020
Together we're strenghtening our right to vote.

“Voters Without Borders” initiative aims at EU legislative proposal

Volt Europa, English
1 Sep 2020
Citizens initiative aims to let EU citizens participate in regional and national elections in the member state where they live


Opinion articles, written by members of Volt who are passionate about fostering a united and federal Europe

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Where nationalism is born, support for Europe will grow

Volt Europa, English
10 Dec 2020
AUR's entry into Parliament was a shock to both the current political class and civil society.

Moldovan elections – Crossroads or hotfix?

Volt Europa, English
6 Nov 2020
Stakes are high as pro-European Maia Sandu won the first electoral round against incumbent President Igor Dodon.

Why the EU should push for Taiwan’s presence at the WHO assembly

Volt Europa, English
5 Nov 2020
With the World Health Assembly resuming its activities next week, Europe must rise to the occasion
Reinier van Landschoot

Europe. The last herbivore in a world full of carnivores.

Volt Europa, English
5 Nov 2020
From Government officials to European diplomats, we have heard this expression is repeated as a bleak assessment on the EU’s foreign policy.
Photo of Mihaela Siritanu

Reproductive healthcare is the foundation of gender equality!

Volt Europa, English
28 Oct 2020
Without safe and equal access to contraceptives for all, women’s sexual health and freedom will remain under siege.

Europe needs a ‘Two Chinas’ Doctrine

Volt Europa, English
30 Sep 2020
The EU will be able to truly make its mark when working with China only through a bold and comprehensive strategy.