Political party and movement in one.
Only Volt has this.

Willkommen bei Volt
"Think like a party, act like a movement!"

We want to move things. Change something. Shape changes. As a party in political entities and also as a movement that is active independently of electoral periods and offices, Volt recognises challenges and tackles them collectively.

Some of the following projects and initiatives were either initiated by Volt or we support them wholeheartedly and with all our strength.

Our promise for a systemically inclusive movement.

Help the estimated four million homeless people in Europe.

Support the Polish protests against anti-abortion laws!

Our EuroTrain-ECI (European Citizens' Initiative) proposes the introduction of a single European rail network.

At the heart of this are more high-speed routes, more night trains and a uniform technical and ticketing system supported by the use of cohesion funds. In this way, we will work to make rail travel in Europe easier, faster and smarter, and thus more competitive with air and road transport.

Let’s show that #EuropeCares!

Our initiative is to show that citizens from all over Europe care about the plight of refugees in Europe and at its borders.
Help us raise awareness and take concrete action.

We need loud voices across Europe so that national governments and the EU can no longer ignore the demands of EU citizens.

Raise your voice for the future of Europe!

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If you like our ideas, visions and projects, then simply join us. Together we can move more!