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We think European

We are the first and only pan-European party and movement. Accordingly, our political content, ideas and visions are developed together with people from all over Europe.

We can learn a lot from our friends and neighbours across Europe:

  • How does transformation of mobility towards cycling work in Copenhagen?
  • How do you promote social housing such as in Vienna?
  • How can we make digitalisation citizen-centred, as in Estonia?

The problems of our time do not stop at our borders. In a global world it is more important than ever that we not only share our problems, but also find solutions to them together.

Man sieht diverse Volter*innen von hinten, wie sie mit umgehängen Plakaten eine Straße entlang laufen. Auf einem der Plakate kann man lesen: "Europa: damals wie heute unsere Zukunft."

Therefore, at Volt we work together on everything. Together we find visions and ideas for global problems from which our Policies are developed - these are our individual political principles for specific issues. And together we also create our election programmes, based on best practices (proven ideas that have already produced positive results) and tailored to the needs of local citizens.

Every Volter can contribute to our content and join in the discussions. Diverse perspectives from different people help us to develop realistic policies coming from the middle of society. At the same time we always try to listen to science and work evidence-based - that is, on the basis of scientific findings.

See for yourself! On this page you will find links and references to all our previous programmes.

5+1 Challenges

Together we have identified 5+1 challenges that are crucial for a strong Europe of our time. These are also our main focus topics.

The first 5 challenges are those that are basically the same in every European country but can be implemented differently - taking into account the respective local realities and circumstances. The +1 challenge is identical for all countries: its aim is to reform and strengthen the European Union.

1. Smart state

Education and digitalisation are key elements of the 21st century.


High quality public services are essential for all European citizens and residents.

States should use the technological possibilities of our time to bring to the newest level public services in areas such as education, healthcare and justice - while also simplifying processes and ensuring social inclusion and equal opportunities.

New instruments of governance also enable governments to increase their efficiency, fight corruption, and gain the trust of their citizens through good and transparent governance.

(View the video on this topic)

YouTube: Smart State | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

2. Economic Renaissance

An innovative economy must be the engine of society's progress.


European economies must be the engine of society’s progress and allow for a decent living standard for everyone. 

To achieve this goal we have defined three core demands: Rebuilding economically unstable areas, promoting innovation, and strengthening EU as a social union.

To achieve these goals we are shaping innovative policies - cutting red tape, fighting unemployment, investing in smart, sustainable productivity and trade, and creating a single European social and tax system.

(View the video on this topic)

YouTube: Economic Renaissance | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

3. Social Equality

Nobody should be left behind - no matter their gender, income, religion, or origin.


No one should be left behind in our society. Everyone must be guaranteed equal rights and opportunities, and human rights must be respected, protected and upheld!

To achieve this goal we want to introduce innovative, holistic programmes that combat all kinds of inequality and discrimination. They aim to alleviate poverty, include everyone in society, provide access to basic needs for all, and emphasise a person’s right to their own body.

(View the video on this topic)

YouTube: Social Equality | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

4. Global Balance

Europe needs to assume responsibility for its role in global challenges.


We want policies in line with the Sustainable Development Goals in areas such as climate change, fair international trade, sustainable agriculture, food security, biodiversity and international development cooperation.

In the area of migration we advocate for a fair distribution system for refugees, the removal of existing legal barriers to labour migration, the establishment of an international system to prevent and manage refugee crises, and an end to statelessness in Europe.

(View the video on this topic)

YouTube: Global Balance | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

5. Citizen Empowerment

People must be empowered to influence politics beyond elections alone.


All Europeans should have the opportunity to make informed political decisions. All must be able to influence policy not only through elections but to exercise their voice in vibrant and resilient democracies.

Our policies are based on best practices to promote a pluralistic information and media landscape, on advanced tools and technologies for political participation, and on measures that promote democracy and allow it to flourish.

(View the video on this topic)

YouTube: Citizen Empowerment | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

+1 EU-Reform

We love the EU - this doesn't mean there is no room for improvement.


The European Union is our common project: we have managed to come together as neighbouring countries and build a Union that has ensured peace and prosperity for over sixty years. Nevertheless, it has its shortcomings: that is why we want to reform the EU's institutions to achieve our goal of a democratic, more transparent and stronger federal Europe. To this end, we propose a series of specific policies to make the EU act more effectively in order to promote and protect the interests of all European citizens.

(View the video on this topic)

YouTube: EU Reform | Volt Europa 5+1 Challenges

Policies on the European level

Our European policies are the foundation for the programmes in the individual European countries and regions. For us, the collection of all content is called "Mapping of Policies" and is updated regularly. The Mapping of Policies is not a programme by itself. Instead, the individual policies provide a direction for the development of the programmes for the individual elections. The document was developed by about 200 Volters from all over Europe with the support of experts.

Additionally we have individual policies on specific topics. These complement the Mapping of Policies and cover issues ranging from climate change to the regulation of live animal transport.

You can also find the following content on the Website of Volt Europa.

Volt's programme for the European Parliament 2019-2024

Our programme for the European elections is entitled "Amsterdam Declaration". To this a supporting document was added that goes into detail on various topics. This is the programme we used to participate in the European elections in 2019. Today, Damian Boeselager represents these topics in the EU Parliament as our elected representative.

Policies of Volt Germany

We have developed our own policy programme for Germany. This is a living document based on the European policies. It is also structured according to the 5+1 challenges. All members and volunteers of Volt are invited to contribute to our policy ideas!

Our programme for the federal election 2021

For the Bundestag elections we developed a comprehensive programme. Based on the motto "New politics. New Europe", our programme consists of three pillars:

  • European. Democratic. Active.
  • Climate neutral. Entrepreneurial. Digital.
  • Self-determined. Solidary. Inclusive.

To make our content accessible to as many people as possible, we have developed various formats of the document. This includes a magazine that visually presents the key points and provides insights into our work.

Further formats

Policies on the regional and local levels

Of course we also participate in regional elections. By doing so, we pay attention to local conditions and needs. The local teams create appropriate programmes for the various levels.

You can find regional and local policies and programmes on the respective teams' pages. A list of all Regional Associations and City Teams can be found here:

People like you make politics with us

All these documents and contents have been created through the committed cooperation of motivated Volters from Germany and all over Europe. We don't just talk about sticking together and working together, we also live and act accordingly.

Together we can tackle the important issues of our time. Would you also like to work with us on challenges and their solutions? Is there a particular topic that is too short for you? Then we cordially invite you to join us! Everyone is welcome! Check out our Join us page to find out how you too can become a member - and what the benefits are of being part of our unique Volt community.

Alternatively (or in addition) you can help our unique work for a Europe with a future by making a financial donation. We welcome small and large amounts of money to fund the necessary resources and time to continue this work for all of us.