Equal rights at Volt

In order to achieve our vision of an inclusive Europe we are creating a community in the spirit of equality. Our goals are: to raise awareness within Volt about all forms of discrimination, to create inclusive party structures by empowering teams through concrete proposals to better include underrepresented people, and to develop and spread a political stance in the spirit of equality.

We help local and functional teams to bring more diversity into their teams through specific suggestions for their actions. These suggestions are developed in a broadly based, cross-German group that brings together information and best practices and feeds the possibilities back into the teams. The German Equal Rights Team keeps its eyes and ears open on equality to prevent and counteract any discrimination.

We develop measures for more equal cooperation and more diverse team structures and ways of working within Volt Germany.

DE Women

Our aim is to challenge and promote women by targeting them. We bring the female perspective into our party programmes and decision-making and make women's politics. Within the framework of regular calls we provide the space for exchanging and debating together.

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DE Queer 

The DE Queer team works to implement political solutions and social change for equal rights for the LGBTIQ+ community in Germany. We work toward equal rights for all identities of queer people in all their individual forms of expression.

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Working Group on Simple Language - On our Homepage

We see ourselves as a party and movement for all people and have therefore committed ourselves to making our policies accessible to every person. Simple Language enables social participation.

Anti-racism/anti-discrimination working group

We are the working group in Volt for anti-racist and anti-discriminatory work. It is important for us to raise awareness within the party and to create a consciousness for anti-racist and anti-discriminatory action. We also want to offer a central contact point and a safe space for people who have experienced discrimination.

Working Group People with Disabilities

People with disabilities have to be taken into account. That does not happen too often, and we want to change that. This starts with barrier-free events and aims at making our party structures inclusive. Together, we want to be a loud voice, develop appropriate policies, and also adopt the demands of the EU level, such as those from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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