Political groups & coalitions

of Volt in Germany

Volt Bonn

In the Bonn City Council, Volt Bonn forms a parliamentary group with 3 councillors and has entered into a coalition with the Greens, the SPD and the Left.

Koalition SPD, Linke, Volt in Bonn

Volt Düsseldorf

In the City Council of Düsseldorf Volt has formed a parliamentary group with the Social Democratic Party (SPD)


More information on the website of Volt Düsseldorf

Volt Cologne

1.- Cologne City Council: In March 2021 Volt has formed a coalition with the Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and the Christian Democratic Party (CDU)

More information on the website of Volt Cologne.

2.- Regional Council of the Administrative District of Cologne: Volt has formed a political group with the party DIE LINKE.

Volt Frankfurt

With The Greens, SPD and FDP, Volt Frankfurt wants to "Shape a new Frankfurt".

Volt Mainz

In Mainz, Volt has one seat and forms a parliamentary group with the Pirates, who also have one seat.


Volt Munich

Munich is a European metropolis, a social, ecological and solidary city. Together with Mayor Dieter Reiter and Mayoress Verena Dietl as well as the Munich SPD, the SPD/Volt parliamentary group advocates shaping cohesion, social-ecological responsibility and economic success and ensuring cultural diversity, security and forward-looking openness.

Volt Fraktion Muenchen

Volt Münster

Volt Münster has formed a coalition with the Green Party and the SPD.

Koalisation Muenster

Volt Siegen

Volt Siegen has a parliamentary group in the city council.

Volt Wiesbaden

In the local elections in March 2021, three Volt members were elected to the Wiesbaden city council and form their own parliamentary group.

Volt in the European Parliament

In a pan-European vote within Volt it was decided to join the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament.

Volt Fraktion Europa Palament