Verani Kartum - Volt Paderborn

Verani Kartum

Member of the City Council of Paderborn

European from Turkey. Living since 1976 in Paderborn County and since 2003 in the city of Paderborn.

I was born in 1969 in Anatolia, in the province of Tunceli in Turkey. I immigrated from Turkey to Germany in 1976 as a guest worker child. I belong to the Alevi religious community. I am married in second marriage and have three children.

I attended primary school in Hövelriege/Hövelhof and then went to secondary school in Hövelhof. After finishing secondary school I successfully completed my training as a car mechanic. After working as a machine operator for two years, I attended the course as a mechanical engineering technician for one year and then successfully completed my training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk.

Afterwards I worked as an employee in the administrative department of the accommodation facility for foreigners who are obliged to leave Germany. Afterwards I successfully completed my training as a law enforcement and administrative officer in the middle civil service.

I am currently active as a training supervisor for commercial professions and as specialist for integration and organising international youth exchanges. Further, I am Chairman of the Board SC Aleviten Paderborn, Member of the Board of Directors of the district group Der Paritätische, Integration Council of the City of Paderborn, Member of the Advisory Board of the Local Integration Centre of the District of Paderborn.

Since my youth, I have been involved daily on a voluntary basis in the social and political field in the fields of integration, inclusion, social affairs, sport, economy and Europe.

Social justice, tolerance, diversity and an open Europe are central themes that are close to my heart. Democracy originates at the grassroots and is carried upwards. For me, therefore, local politics is one of the most important foundations of the political landscape.

Children and youth policy is the building block for the future, so that the environment is designed and developed in an environmentally friendly way. Integration and sport is an important element and brings society together, so these are very important concerns which I am passionate about and convinced that we can be very successful in both areas.

If you think of children and young people, you can only make environmental policy positive. As I grew up with 4 siblings, I also know how important family policy and the infrastructure of a city is. Our earth has limited resources and therefore a vision for the future is the most important thing so that all people on earth can live peacefully and sustainably.

With Volt, I want to stand up for the people and start sending out the political signal in our Paderborn municipality in the direction of Europe.

If people are doing well socially, the environment is doing well and the economy is doing well!
Integration-Social-Environment-Economy, they are not mutually exclusive, but complement and enrich each other!

Volt is Europe and together we want to strengthen and unite Europe and develop it into a social unit. Therefore #VoteVolt