Volt Munich holds general assembly and elects new co-chair

Volt Munich holds general assembly and elects new co-chair

2 Nov 2020, 20:00:00 UTC
At our annual meeting we elected Ekkehart as co-chair and adopted the budget for 2021.
Verabschiedung des Ko-Vorsitzenden auf der Mitgliederversammlung von Volt München am 1.11.2020

Last Sunday, the Volt Munich district association held its annual general meeting in compliance with a strict hygiene concept.

Ekkehart Friauf was elected as the new co-chairman of Volt Munich, replacing Sven Heinrici.

Further topics of the general assembly were the report of the board, the adoption of the 2021 budget and the election of the new auditor Michael Lehnerer.

Due to the current epidemiological situation, only the city councillor Felix Sproll and 27 other Volters were present. In total, the Munich district association counts over 150 party members and many more volunteers.

It was the second general assembly of the district association after the foundation of the first regional association of Volt Germany at the beginning of October last year. Volt Munich looks back on a successful year. We were able to draw up a list of 35 candidates for the city council and adopt Volt's first regional election programme. Thanks to the successful combination of European and local issues and a successful election campaign, Volt has gained a seat in the city council.

The most important item on the agenda was the replacement of former co-chairman Sven Heinrici, who resigned, as announced in advance. He will continue to support Volt in a different role in the future. The two candidates for election were Ekkehart Friauf and Marvin Scheelen. In a secret ballot, the majority of votes went to Ekkehart Friauf, who accepted the election to the applause of all participants. In addition, Michael Lehnerer was elected as new auditor.

Ekkehart Friauf has been a member of Volt since April 2019 and was involved in the development of Volt Europa's vision. The "7 strategic objectives" were adopted by a large majority of Volt members at the Volt General Assembly in May 2020 and have since become the binding strategic framework for all Volt countries. Since March 2020, Ekkehart Friauf has also been co-leader of the Volt Academy, which develops workshops and training programmes for Volt members and candidates throughout Europe.

Ekkehardt Friauf before the election:
"Next year, with the Bundestag elections, a very important phase lies ahead for Volt Germany. I would like to take up this challenge and assume responsibility for the Munich district association. With Katharina Radunz, Christian Homann and Felix Sproll as well as with the Volt Munich Lead Team and all Volters and supporters, I would like to lead Volt Munich to an even better result than we already achieved in the local elections with 1.8%. The recent local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia have shown us once again that we are addressing many people with our topics of "Europe" and "European best practices" and that the 5% threshold is achievable and exceedable. The result of the Bundestag elections in 2021 will be an important milestone in the preparations for the next European Parliament elections in 2024."