Volt votes for keeping the Pop Up Bike Lanes open

Volt votes for keeping the Pop Up Bike Lanes open

28 Oct 2020, 14:00:00 UTC
Contrary to the majority of the city council, we believe that at least some of the additional cycle paths should stay over the winter.
Volterin mit Volt-Fahrrad vor dem Münchner Rathaus

The temporary cycle paths will enter their winter break in Munich from November 1, 2020 to March 3, 2021 and will be evaluated in detail during this period. This was decided today by a majority of the Mobility Committee against the votes of Volt/Grüne/Rosa Liste/ ÖDP/Freie Wähler and Die Linke. Accordingly, the CSU/SPD/FDP/Bayernpartei voted for the stop of the trial period.

Our city councillor Felix Sproll comments:

I was very pleased that in June we managed to create a short-term improvement for cyclists in our city.

For Volt, it is important that the mobility transition will continue, regardless of the decision. My entire group would also like to see further development of the cycle path infrastructure with permanent markings from April 1, 2021 and, in the medium term, with constructional solutions. We will continue to work towards this in the future.

I would have been glad if it had been possible to find a compromise over the winter, so that at least those Pop Up Bike Lanes which significantly defuse an existing danger situation for cyclists are preserved in the dark season. Unfortunately this was not possible.

Since Volt is clearly in favour of the development of the cycle path infrastructure, between the two options I finally decided to vote for the retention of the pop-up bike lanes.

I have previously made my voting behaviour known to the group. Even though we were unable to agree on this point, cooperation remains good.

Politics shape our city

In Munich, Volt wants to help shape the growing metropolis into a city of the future, which will be a model for other cities in terms of mobility, environment and digitalisation. To achieve this, we remain true to our pragmatic, progressive and pan-European approach.