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Only by acting together can we
unlock Europe’s potential and
meet our shared challenges.

At Volt, we are building a community of engaged citizens to drive change throughout Europe.

In order to reach even more people with our ideas, we are dependent on your help. Support us with a small contribution to revolutionise the way politics is done.

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What your donation will be used for:

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Organising and carrying-out events can only be done if sufficient funds are available. This enables us to network people locally in order to act jointly throughout Europe.

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We want to reshape Europe! To do this, we must launch strong campaigns in order to win elections and turn our ideas into actions in the political arena.

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Posters, flyers and other advertising media are necessary to get our message across. They are important to raise our profile and convince people of our programme.

Choose whatever suits you best!

Donate directly using the form

Donate by bank transfer

Would you prefer to support us financially in the classic way? Then please use the following bank details:

Recipient of payment: Volt Germany district association Munich
Bank: Berliner Volksbank (SWIFT-BIC BEVODEBBXXX)
IBAN: DE79 1009 0000 2740 3810 19

Please indicate the following under "Purpose of use":
1st row: Donation from [Your first and last name].
2nd row: [Street address and number, postal code, town].

Tax deductibility & donation confirmations

Your donation is tax deductible: As a private person, you can claim your donations to Volt Germany in your tax return up to an amount of 3300 € per calendar year; in case of joint tax assessment even up to a total of 6600 €.

You can find further information, also on the subject of donation confirmations, on our information page:

Donation and transparency guidelines

Volt Germany is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards and to transparency in its handling of donations that goes beyond the legal requirements.

Therefore, please note that we voluntarily publish on this website any donations that exceed 3000 € per calendar year.

Find more information in our Donation and Transparency Guidelines.

Become a supporting member!

You cannot actively participate yourself due to lack of time? Or you do not want to start directly with a party membership at Volt for other reasons? Our sponsoring membership is the best way to support us regularly!

This is how our supporting membership works

As a supporting member you support us and our goals with a monthly contribution of 10 € or more. Your regular contribution helps us to plan sustainably and in the long term.

At the same time, we will provide you with regular information about our work and keep you up to date on all important activities at Volt. As a supporting member you are also welcome to participate in all Volt events.

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Why your personal data are so important

Without them we cannot issue you with a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year.

All donations to Volt Germany by natural persons up to 3300 € per year are subsidised by the German state with 45% party funding. However, this subsidy, which is so important for us, does not apply to anonymous donations.

Anonymous donations over 500 €, i.e. donations without giving your personal data, may not be accepted by us due to legal requirements.

Donations from outside of Germany: Due to legal requirements we are only allowed to accept donations from abroad up to a maximum amount of 1,000 €. For donations exceeding this amount, we always require proof that you are a citizen of the European Union (e.g. a copy of an official identity document). In this case please contact our fundraising team in advance.

Contact for donors

If you have any questions about your donation, you can always contact us at

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Wear your convictions

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