Felix Sproll

Portrait of Felix Sproll in 2022

Felix Sproll

Municipal Councillor in the City of Munich

Parliamentary group: SPD/Volt

Profession: Financial advisor
Education: Banking

Munich should become a role model for other European metropolitan areas.

I am ...

European by conviction! I have consciously chosen the European idea and way of life. Neither in my school days nor in my job as a financial advisor have I ever had the opportunity to live in another European country. Nevertheless, I felt like a European and decided to get to know my home continent. So in my free time I started to travel and talk to local people about politics and Europe. During these trips I have experienced things in many cities that are going extraordinarily well. We should adopt these positive examples in Munich and at the same time export the ideas in which our city is a role model.

Volt convinces me because ...

Volt is the only party that offers citizens a truly European proposition.

I have been politically active for many years and have always been looking for a party like Volt, which demands a socially just, economically wise and sustainable Europe across national borders.

Together with Volt, I want to get more people interested in politics and turn the silent pro-European majority into a loud one again, which is resolutely opposed to the few loud nationalists.

Volt stands for a new way of making politics. We don't have any established politicians in our country. We are a young movement of normal people who have decided to watch no longer, but to help shape the development of our continent. This already starts on the local level.

My goals for Munich are

numerous. I'd like to talk about three of them briefly:

  1. All forms of shared mobility (public transport, bike or car sharing etc.) should be promoted at the expense of individual car traffic. In addition, we must give special protection to cyclists, e.g. by structurally separating the cycle path from the road.
  2. We must ensure that Munich remains an inclusive and colourful city where everyone can find affordable housing. That is why we are calling for comprehensive and versatile measures to create living space. In order to have enough time until the measures take effect, we all and I personally support the referendum 6 years rent freeze.
  3. I would like the 215,000 EU citizens to be adequately represented and heard in Munich. Without them our Munich would not be the same and therefore they need representation in the city council. In order to show that Munich is a European city, I will work to ensure that we permanently decorate the city hall (and other public buildings) with the EU flag.
YouTube: München wähle eine neue Politik – wähle Felix Sproll in den Stadtrat | #VoteVolt

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