We need social justice in the climate crisis!

The climate crisis will change all our lives. Heat, droughts, flooding - we are already clearly feeling the effects of the climate crisis throughout Europe. This shows: The climate crisis does not stop at national borders! Only together can we take on and master this task. We are convinced that only a holistic approach will take us further: a triad of climate neutrality, economic prosperity and social justice.

What measures does Volt propose to tackle the climate crisis holistically and equitably?

YouTube: Wie verbinden wir Klimaneutralität und Soziale Gerechtigkeit?

Our demands at a glance

  1. Renewable energies are the key to our climate-neutral and independent future. In close cooperation with our European neighbours, we need to expand wind and solar power as well as the Europe-wide electricity grid. We rely on a common European strategy and infrastructure that takes decentralised supply into account.
  2. Coal phase-out by 2030 at the latest.
  3. In the future, mobility in Europe must be climate-friendly and socially just! That is why we demand a comprehensive high-speed rail network throughout Europe and affordable public transport - with, for example, a €365 ticket like the one in Vienna.
  4. For a uniform CO2 price throughout Europe, we want to expand European emissions trading and limit the permitted emissions through fewer certificates. We will use the revenues from the CO2 price for a fair path to climate neutrality. One third will be invested in research, one third in the expansion of renewables and one third in the introduction of a climate dividend.

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Do you also think that we can only fight the climate crisis together? Join us and fight for Europe-wide and socially just measures!