How can Europe emerge from the crisis?

Currently, we are facing huge challenges in Europe. These include the pandemic and its effects, Russia's war against Ukraine, and the advancing climate crisis. But also our increasing dependence on China, as well as the growing right-wing populism and extremism within the EU make it clear that Europe must finally find common solutions.

To counter the crises of our time, we need a reform of the European Union now. Currently, the EU lacks unity and strength to act. Our vision is a European Republic that lets its citizens decide about their future. A united Europe in which politics is shaped close to the people, from within the regions and in a strong European Parliament.

What does Volt want to do to ensure that the EU is finally able to act?

YouTube: Wie machen wir die EU endlich handlungsfähig?

Our demands at a glance

  1. We want to abolish the right of veto of the member states and give the European Parliament more decision-making power.
  2. To ensure that Europe remains safe from dictatorships and autocracies, we want to combine the national armed forces into an effective and well-equipped European army integrated into NATO.
  3. Citizens should be able to vote according to a common, fair electoral law and have better opportunities for participation at the European level.
  4. In the long term, we need a comprehensive reform of the European Union! On the basis of a European constitution, a federal European republic is to be founded with all states that declare their willingness to do so.

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