Our education system must arrive in the 21st century!

Our education system no longer corresponds to today's reality of life. There are 40,000 vacancies in the education sector, multingual children have the highest risk of failing in education, and digitisation in the classroom is still a long time coming. All this makes a fundamentally new education system indispensable. In Scandinavia, many steps have already been taken to modernise teaching in schools. We advocate that Germany must adopt successful approaches from these countries. We are convinced that the reform of the education system must be approached boldly, progressively and evidence-based.

What does Volt want to do to fundamentally reform our education system?

YouTube: Wie holen wir unser Bildungssystem ins 21. Jahrhundert?

Our demands at a glance

  1. We want to abolish segmentation in the school system. There is a need for common schools where children can individually live out their strengths.
  2. We want to dismantle federalism in German education, otherwise there can be no real educational and equal opportunities.
  3. We need more school autonomy in terms of staffing and budget decisions, and we need to support schools in developing their own profile.
  4. Education must be understood as something lifelong, because only in this way can we, away from the concept of "school", give people the opportunity to continue their education and to take new paths later in life.

We want to reform the education system according to the best examples in Europe. Are you with us?