Together we are


Are you looking for an opportunity to become politically active? That must be fate - because we are looking for you!

Together we can achieve great things! For this, we need many courageous Europeans with a heart for cross-border and progressive solutions. Each person brings unique expertise, experience and talents that allow us to grow and learn as a movement and party. Become part of our European movement which is active locally, regionally and nationally as a party.

Mehrere Volter*innen bei einer Demonstation in Sofia, Bulgarien. Sie schwenken Volt-Fahnen und -Banner. In der Mitte ist Damian Boeselager zu sehen.

Your opportunities to become part of Volt

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Would you like to be fully involved in Volt with active voting rights at various levels? Then become a member!

What you can expect:

  • Meet motivated people from all over Europe working together for a common future
  • Full voting rights to help decide the direction of Volt.
  • Become a candidate for Volt: locally, regionally, nationally and at European level.
  • Participate in any team - e.g. in the events, comms or policy team.
  • With your membership fee you help to build Volt.

"At Volt, the pan-European perspective is the linchpin of all decisions, which is unique. I can also actively contribute my ideas right from the start."

- Artur Jarosiewicz, member since March 2021

More information

  • You have full voting rights - locally, regionally, nationally and on the European level.
  • You have active and passive voting rights in Volt Germany & Volt Europe, i.e. you can vote, stand for office and be elected.
  • You have access to all platforms

You pay a membership fee which is based on your income.

  • Standard income: approx. 1% of net income.
  • Reduction for people with low income, at least 24 € p.a.
  • Pupils, students, unemployed or people without income, at least 12 € p.a.
  • Further details on our membership fees can be found in §3 of our Financial Regulations.


You want to become part of our vision and support us (for now) without membership? Then become a supporter!

What you can expect:

  • Become part of a local team
  • Participate in current actions 
  • Help shape current events
  • Shape Europe together with others

More information

  • You get to know how we work
  • You will be connected to a local team
  • You will receive information about current campaigns via newsletter and from the local teams.


You would like to support us financially? Then become a sponsoring-member!

For as little as €10 per month you can help build our vision and organisation month after month with your contribution.

More information

  • You can achieve great things despite little time
  • You can build up our financing structure
  • You can strengthen our organisational structure

We are also happy to receive a one-time donation.

Get to know us at one of our events. Here you can find the next dates.

Here you can find people like yourself

All over Europe, people are already getting involved with Volt for a common European future. We all look forward to welcoming you as a member, volunteer or supporting member!

If there is no marker on the map in your region, that's no problem. You will be warmly welcomed by teams in your area and will then have the unique opportunity to help set up Volt in your locality from the very beginning.