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In preparation, we organised so-called "Listening Tours", in which we asked people with an online survey what moves them most. Based on this, we developed our election programme and our own ideas, interviewed experts and looked for best practices in other European countries.

Coalition agreement

Our mandate holders

Martin Huber Candidate FFM21

Martin Huber

Martin Huber is member of Frankfurt's local parliament and deputy-chairperson of “Volt im Römer”. He was born in 1997 and grew up in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Martin moved to Frankfurt to study political-science and law. There he found, politicized by the Euro- and climate crises, his way to Volt. In Frankfurt’s parliament, he fights for sustainable city planning and a more green cityscape.

Martin has a seat on the committee on climate, mobility and controlling.

Britta Wollkopf neu

Britta Wollkopf

Britta Wollkopf is member of Frankfurt’s local parliament and member of “Volt im Römer”. She was born in 1986, grew up in Mühlheim and moved to Frankfurt in 2009.

Britta studied public administration and has a masters degree in public management. Over the last 10 years she collected experiences in different aspects of human ressources.

Britta became interested in politics because of the climate crisis: “I felt like we are moving in the wrong direction and are missing important chances”. Britta especially cares about equality of opportunity for people with different living-experiences. Translated to political departments, this means education, culture and inclusion/empowerment. Britta has a seat on the committees for these topics.

Lara Goertz

Lara Goertz

Lara Goertz is member of Frankfurt’s local parliament and member of “Volt im Römer”. She was born in 1996 and grew up near Limburg.

After she finished an apprenticeship as a qualified bank-clerk, she moved to Frankfurt to study business Informatics. Today she works for “Sparkasse” and lives in Bornheim.

In Frankfurt, she especially cares about changing the state of the housing market.

Lara has a seat in the committees for human resources, security and digitalization.