Volt Frankfurt

Frankfurt in the climate crisis

Future-oriented environmental and climate protection in a sustainable metropolis

YouTube: Lea Rosenbauer von Volt zur Energiewende

What exactly do we want to implement in Frankfurt?

The 1.5-degree target from the Paris Climate Change Convention offers us in the world a unique opportunity to ensure a future worth living on our planet. To achieve this, we must be active at all political levels. We are expressly committed to this goal and are striving for Frankfurt's climate neutrality by the year 2030. To achieve this, we must accelerate the expansion of renewable energies many times over - there is still a lot of untapped potential on the roofs of the city. In addition, we must drastically reduce our resource and energy requirements by modernizing our buildings and with a sustainable economy.  

Our demands for Frankfurt:

  • Greening offensive and reforestation for a better microclimate
  • Promoting sustainable enterprises through transparent rules, good advisory services, financial support and incentives 
  • Environmental education from kindergarten on
  • Proclamation of the climate emergency as a prerequisite for effective climate protection
  • Sustainable innovation of the airport
  • Closed loop recycling management to avoid waste  
  • Climate protection foundation for citizen* participation
  • 100% sustainable energy supply by 2030 

What "best practices" are there in Europe?

Grünes Mailand - Green Milano


In our twin city of Milan we have one of the greenest buildings in the world: the greening of the 'Bosco Verticale' ('vertical forest') corresponds to a forest area of 20,000 square metres. 900 trees, 5,000 bushes and 11,000 plants grow on this innovative building.

Further videos on this topic:

YouTube: Lea Rosenbauer von Volt zu Begrünung

Our top candidate for this topic:

Martin Huber

Martin Huber

23 years old, studying political science and law (B.A.)