Frequently asked questions

1. General questions

What is Volt?


Volt is a pan-European, progressive movement with the aim to change the way politics is made, make it more transparent, and to strive for a united, fair and open European Union that offers opportunities for all.

How and by whom was Volt founded?


Volt was founded by Andrea Venzon, our first president, together with two other Europeans, Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Damian Boeselager. The inspiration for this project came to Andrea after the Brexit vote, which was to become just one of the dark political events of 2016.

On 29 March 2017, when Article 50 was triggered, Volt was just a Facebook page, but 5 people were ready to challenge the status quo. Without funds, big names or political support, Volt has now grown into a movement of thousands of supporters in 29 European countries.

Our initiative was launched because reactionary, populist tendencies threaten the values in which our members believe and because the traditional political groups have been unable to provide attractive and pragmatic responses to the challenges of our time.

What is Volt planning?


Volt is a transnational European movement that aims to set up political parties in different European countries and wants to run for elections at European, national and local level based on the same values, political guidelines and objectives.

When the movement was founded, our first political objective was to take part in the European elections in 2019. There Volt won a seat in the European Parliament. After the 2019 European elections, Volt has taken part in regional and local elections in several European countries and now has a number of delegates.

In Germany, we have set ourselves the goal of participating in state and local elections in 2020/2021 and in the federal elections in 2021. In other countries Volt will also fight in national and local elections!

Does Volt exist only in the EU member states?


No. As a pan-European movement we want to be present in all European countries and run for elections.

What does the name "Volt" stand for?


We have derived the name Volt from the international unit of measurement of electrical potential. We have chosen this name because we want to bring new energy to Europe and because it represents our fast and efficient team. Moreover, the use of an international word allows us to keep the same name throughout Europe.

2. Political positioning

What does Volt want to achieve?


We aspire to a united Europe that values its citizens and inhabitants, so that they are able to develop their unique potential and constantly strive to achieve together the highest standards of human, social, environmental and technological development. Read more about our political programme here

Do you have a vision of how Europe should function?


Our communities are our home. Our regions are our home. Our countries are our home. And Europe is our home. We want problems to be solved at the lowest possible level and at the highest necessary level. At present, Europe does not have the power to solve many of the problems it faces, and citizens pay the consequences.

Where do you see yourselves in the political spectrum?


We are in favour of a democratic system that follows the rule of law

We want to find good solutions to the problems we see around us, and we design progressive policies based on scientific evidence and proven policy practices.

What are your political values?


Volt is committed to the fundamental values of the European Union - human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights - and to promoting a society in which integration, tolerance, justice, solidarity and non-discrimination prevail.

We believe that there is still much to improve in our societies, and we should strive for nothing less than the highest standard of living for all residents - that is why we founded Volt. The main common values that inspire our progressive vision of Europe are:

  • Human dignity: We believe in the unchanging dignity of the human being. This respect and esteem for each individual human being guides our policy.
  • Equal opportunities: We believe in the right of all persons to develop their own unique potential, regardless of their circumstances. To realise our vision of Europe, we want to harness the potential of all citizens, and we cannot afford economic conditions, discrimination or prejudice to hold back some and favour others.
  • Freedom: We believe in all the freedoms that have been achieved in European societies so far, as enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. However, some civil rights still vary from one member state to another. We are committed to ensuring that all citizens enjoy the same level of freedom, no matter where they live in our Union, whether it be in terms of civil rights or starting a business.
  • Justice: We believe that justice is not only about equal treatment before the law, but also about a just and fair society where social mobility is real, safety nets leave no one behind, economic inequality is reduced and the environment is protected for the benefit of all.
  • Sustainability: Our focus is on progress towards a better future - and we believe that sustainability is the key. Our economies should be both environmentally and fiscally sustainable, so that future generations can enjoy a healthy environment worth living in and not be overburdened by debt.

Why should I vote for you?


Because we are as sceptical as you are about traditional politics. But because we are all curious, passionate and optimistic about the renewal of Europe. Because we give a unique voice to all those who want to help shape the future of Europe.

Is there a major political party behind you or are you supported by a party?


No. Volt is an autonomous movement which is independent from other parties.