Volt meets Experts

"Volt meets Experts" is a new, pan-European event format.

For each meeting, Volt invites renowned experts to take part in discussions. A presentation or lecture is followed by open discussion. Besides Volters, all interested parties are welcome to follow the live-stream on YouTube and ask their questions in the chat.

The topics range from environmental protection, economy and digitalisation to political participation and EU reforms.

Please note that most events by Volt Germany take place in German.


The Fight Against SLAPP Lawsuits

Volt Europa, English
4 Apr 2023, 17:00 UTC
Volt Croatia, Slovenia & Italia invite you for a discussion on implications of SLAPP Lawsuits

Volt Meets Experts

Volt Europa, English
26 Jan 2023, 18:00 UTC
On the 26th of January Volt Croatia is organising another Volt Meets Experts. Join in and learn more about the implications of a new maritime law