Tax deductibility of donations to Volt Germany

You can get up to 50% of your donations to Volt Germany refunded through your tax return!

In addition to donations, membership fees also represent donations to Volt Germany and can therefore be claimed against tax within the same maximum amounts.

As a private person, you can claim your donations to Volt Germany up to 3300 € per calendar year; in case of joint assessment even up to a total of 6600 €.

Donations from private individuals

For individual tax assessment

The first up to 1650 € of your allowance can be deducted directly at 50% from your tax liability according to § 34g EStG. The income tax to be paid is thus reduced by a maximum of up to 825 €.

Further up to 1650 € of your donations are deductible as special expenses in accordance with § 10 No. 2 EStG. Here, the tax savings depend on your personal tax rate, as only the taxable income is reduced.

On your tax return, you can enter your donations to Volt Germany on page 2 of the "Mantelbogen" in the field provided.

For joint tax assessment

All the maximum amounts listed above under individual assessment are doubled for jointly assessed spouses or registered civil partnerships.

Donations from private companies

If the donation is made in the name by one of the partners, donations from private companies are deductible within the maximum amounts stated above for private individuals. Please state the full name and address of the partner in the purpose of your donation.

Donations from corporations

Although we very much welcome your donation, donations from corporations to political parties do not constitute operating expenses (cf. § 4 No. 6 EStG) and therefore are not tax-privileged (cf. also the amendment to § 9 KStG of 28.1.1994).

Nevertheless, if you need proof of receipt and use of the donation, e.g. for accounting purposes, we will of course be happy to provide this. In this case please contact

Confirmation of donations / donation receipts

Donations up to 200 €

For donations up to 200 € you do not need a donation receipt. The reason is that all tax offices usually accept the transfer confirmation from your bank (e.g. the account statement from your bank or PayPal) as simplified proof of donation (cf. § 50 para. 4 no. 2 c) EStDV). The value of 200 € applies to each individual donation! In these cases we will only issue a donation receipt at your request. Please contact for this purpose.

Donations over 200 €

For all donations exceeding 200 € per donation, you need a donation receipt to be able to claim these for tax purposes. Volt Germany will issue this confirmation without being asked by the end of February of the following year and send it to the address you have given.

Membership fees

Membership fees can always be claimed, i.e. regardless of their amount, on the basis of your bank account statement (cf. § 50, paragraph 6 EStDV). Since membership fees are always debited from our bank account with an appropriate reason for payment, we ask for your understanding that we do not currently issue any confirmation of payment for membership fees.

Donations in kind or for expenses

We always issue a donation receipt for donations in kind or for expenses, regardless of the amount donated, otherwise you will not be able to claim this for tax purposes.

Important notes

Please note that:

  • we can only issue a donation receipt if we have your complete address.
  • we can only issue a donation receipt to the account holder(s) of the account from which the donation was transferred to us.

Do you still have questions?

In this case please contact us at