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You can deduct up to 50% of your donation from your taxes.

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YouTube: #GenerationEuropa: Unser Wahlwerbespot zur Bundestagswahl 2021 | Volt Deutschland

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Donate via bank transfer


Of course, we are also happy to receive your donation by bank transfer. However, we ask for your understanding that as a political party we have special requirements when dealing with donations. Please read our instructions before making a bank transfer!

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Payment recipient: Volt Deutschland
Bank: Berliner Volksbank (BIC BEVODEBB)
IBAN: DE10 1009 0000 2740 3810 00

Please be sure to include your address in the reason for payment:
1st line: Donation from [your first and last name].
2nd line: [street, house no., postcode, town]

Please note that for donations over €3,000 we will publish your name on our Transparency web page.

Please also note that we can only accept donations directly from donors and not via third party accounts. Therefore the donor and the account holder must match.

That is why we need your address and personal data


For reasons of party law, we are obliged to be able to prove the origin of all donations. And only on these donations do we receive the very important subsidies from party funding (45% of your donation amount).

Furthermore, we cannot issue you with a donation receipt without your personal details.

For all donations up to € 3,000 per year, your data will never be published! If you would like to donate more than 3,000 € per year, you will find all further information in our transparency guidelines.

Your tax benefit of up to 50%


Your donation is tax deductible. As a private individual, you can claim your donations to Volt Deutschland against tax up to a total of € 3,300 per calendar year; in the case of joint tax assessment even up to a total of € 6,600.

You can find more information, including on the topic of donation receipts, on our information page.

Donation transparency and donations over € 3,000


Volt Germany is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and transparency beyond the legal requirements when dealing with donations.

Therefore, please note that we have voluntarily committed ourselves to publish all donations exceeding € 3,000 per calendar year on this website. With your consent, this helps us to guarantee our political independence. We ask for your understanding that otherwise we will note able to accept your donation.

You will find find further information in our donation and transparency guidelines.

Questions about your donation?


Do you have any questions about your donation? Then visit our information page or contact us directly at

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You would like to support us on a regular basis but are not able to actively participate, for example due to time constraints?

Our supporting membership is the best way to still support us regularly!

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