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There's nothing here currently, but we're busy writing on blog posts. Our Municipal Assembly was on October 3rd 2020 (also see the press release) and on November 23rd 2020 we submitted all necessary documents to the election supervisor. More to come soon 🙂

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“Women, Life, Freedom”: Volt stands in solidarity with Iranian women and calls for an end to violence by the government!

Volt Europa, English
30 Sept 2022
Volt Europa strongly condemns the violence by the regime and fully supports the fight of all Iranians for equal rights and freedom.
Photo depicting the high cost of living

Cost of living crisis: mitigation measures needed

Volt Europa, English
30 Sept 2022
The shocking increase in gas and oil prices and the consequential higher production costs) needs to be faced by EU authorities

Turkey’s provocative behaviour in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Volt Europa, English
16 Aug 2022
A serious response is necessary for the EU to signal that its Member States’ borders and maritime zones are EU borders and maritime zones.