for the municipal election 2021

At our assembly on October 3rd, we not only decided on our election programme, but also elected our candidates. Our list is well filled with a total of 26 candidates and, with an average age of 29 years, we’re below the average of Volt Germany with 33 years. As far as possible, we have given our list equal representation of genders. Why this is important to us, you can read here.

Portrait von Nicolas Kämmerer

Nicolas Kämmerer

Listing Place 1

No matter in which area: we still have so much potential – even here in Darmstadt. You don't even need new, brilliant ideas for that. We find good solutions everywhere in Europe. Solutions, for example, to the question of how to ensure affordable rents. Or ways we can effectively slow down climate change. I am running because I believe that politics is where you can do the most to help people. That may sound idealistic or naive, but in the end that should be the goal: to give everyone a good life. I would like us all to work more together again, being united across party lines by the same goals, to discuss in a solution-oriented way and actually use the possibilities that are already in front of us. My impression is that parties and politicians sometimes lose sight of what it should really be about.

Software developer for »Space mission ground control systems«

Portrait von Jana Wilke

Jana Wilke

Listing Place 2

My heart has been beating for Europe for a long time already and I’ve always been "kind of" interested in politics. But it was Volt that really made me want to get involved and make a difference together with all the great and open-minded people. I want representation for everyone, even for future generations, so transparency, accessibility and sustainable development are some key topics for me.

HR Consultant with focus on technology and design

Portrait von Frederik Jobst

Frederik Jobst

Listing Place 3

Volt sparked my interest because the very same issues drive me as a hobby farmer as well as a computer scientist. I want to do something for environmental protection and for digitization that benefits everyone. The solutions to those problems are often decided at other (European) levels, but really filled with life locally. I want to be involved in decision-making and implementation. That's why Volt, that's why Darmstadt.

Dual study Master Computer Science / SPS Programmer

Portrait von Ana Lena Herrling

Ana Lena Herrling

Listing Place 4

I actually came to Volt through an unexpected cruciate ligament rupture. I had always been interested in politics, but suddenly my forced time off finally gave me the time to listen to the news several times a day and do more detailed research. At the time, the abuse cases in the Catholic Church, Donald Trump and the crisis in Venezuela were just making headlines in the press. I just couldn’t stand anymore to sit back and don’t do anything about these topics. Then, through my brother-in-law, I came across Volt. I liked the fact that it is a completely new party that focuses on Europe and that anyone can join immediately; there are no rigid hierarchies like in other parties. In the end I was even at the founding meeting of Volt Darmstadt and once accepted to the team, I was immediately in the midst of action, found my anchor in the equal rights team at Volt Germany, and can't imagine my everyday life without Volt anymore.

Engineer for water technology

Portrait von Wolfram von Rotberg

Wolfram von Rotberg

Listing Place 5

Self-employed process and organisation developer

Portrait von Carla Filler

Carla Filler

Listing Place 6

Business Consultant in the area of Software Testing and Process Optimisation

Portrait von Robin Hueber

Robin Hueber

Listing Place 7

Software Engineer

Our complete list

  1. Nicolas Kämmerer
  2. Jana Wilke
  3. Frederik Jobst
  4. Ana Lena Herrling
  5. Wolfram von Rotberg
  6. Carla Filler
  7. Robin Hueber
  8. Franziska Schäffer
  9. Urs Kraus
  10. Birte Kurth
  11. Rainer Müller
  12. Annika Beck
  13. Ulf Karrock
  14. Lara Becker
  15. Wolfgang Halter
  16. Sebastian Elbe
  17. Valentin Sundermann
  18. Doriän Gröschner
  19. Stefan Werner
  20. Philipp Gryschok
  21. Tobias Pappert
  22. Christian Knüppel
  23. Benedikt Hoffmann
  24. José Tomás Nogales Nievers
  25. Lars Werner
  26. Andreas Mendl-Heinisch