Members of the Faction

Nicolas Kämmerer

Nicolas Kämmerer

Faction Chair

Nicolas' Committees:

  • Main and Finance Committee (incl. Legal Affairs, Staffing Plan and Participations)
  • Council of Elders
Portrait von Ana Lena Herrling

Ana Lena Herrling

Vice-Chair of the Faction

Ana Lena's Committees:

  • Committee for Environmental Protection and Sustainability
  • Committee for Social Affairs (incl. Equality, Intercultural Affairs, Family and Childcare)

Portrait von Carla Filler

Carla Filler


Carla's Committees:

  • Culture Committee
  • Youth Welfare Committee

Portrait von Jana Wilke

Jana Wilke


Jana's Committees:

  • Education and Schools Committee
  • Committee for Sport and Health (incl. Public Facilities and Regulatory Affairs)
Portrait von Frederik Jobst

Frederik Jobst


Frederik's Committees:

  • Committee for Construction, Urban Planning, Transport and Real Estate
  • Committee for Economic Development, Science and Digitalisation