Diversity and Equality

...is important to us!

You are welcome regardless of your gender, gender identity, origin, love, air, or life situation.

We at Volt Darmstadt highly value a diverse and balanced team. Volt Germany already has a good framework for this, e.g. through a “Persons of Trust” programme, equal representation of gender in management positions and gender-appropriate language. We welcome all people who see Europe as a project for peace and the future and who love liberal democracy as much as we do. This applies regardless of your gender on your identity card, your place of birth (of course, non-Europeans are welcome as well!), your religion or any physical characteristics.  We want to improve our political course through different perspectives and become a party that reflects our colorful society.

That's why we want you! Join one of our events, or drop us a line.

Diversity as a Superpower

For us, diversity is a superpower that we can only achieve together. Diverse teams are more successful, more creative and more thoughtful, and what's more, working in mixed teams is a lot more fun. Talking to people who live very different lives than oneself can open up whole new perspectives and initiate fresh ideas.

We welcome people from extended families, single parents, patchwork families, young and old, professionals, students, people from the LGBTIQ+ community, country folks and city dwellers – and everyone in between and beyond.

Equality for Women

Unfortunately also at Volt we currently have much more people that identify as male than as female let alone diverse/non-binary; the percentage of women at Volt is currently only 23 percent (as of December 2020). Nevertheless, all higher-level positions have equal representation, and that is important to us. This principle applies not only at a national level, but also here in our City Team.

We have groups at all levels (Europe, Germany, Darmstadt) facilitating networking and promoting female members. We also have a “Persons of Trust” program, which provides new party members with their own buddy according to the mentoring principle in order to accompany, advise and promote women on their way in Volt.

In our Election Programme

Talking about diversity and equality is a good first step, but it's not enough to make a real difference. Accordingly, both topics are included in our election program for the 2021 municipal elections.

Take a look 😉