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Volt Darmstadt


And welcome to Volt Darmstadt.

Our concept is European, our agenda meets the spirit of the times and our members are highly motivated. Be part of it, join us and let's shape our European future together!

On our site you will find information about Volt Darmstadt, our goals for the upcoming municipal elections and for Darmstadt in general, as well as regular updates and current events.

One thing is clear: Europe is not the problem, Europe is the solution. So many successful models shape the image of Europe, we just have to look and bring the best solutions home.


We currently have a lot to do. More than a year ago we decided to run in the municipal elections in March 2021. We think that the current politics needs some new people and fresh ideas, and we want to help to bring the best concepts from all over Europe to Darmstadt. Click on the button to find out what we are currently working on.

Election Programme

If you want to shape the city of tomorrow, you have to start looking at the present. Over the last few months, we have been working intensively on our vision for Darmstadt. Our core topics are: climate protection, mobility and (yeah, really) constructive cooperation. To find out whether we are also your party, check out our programme.

Join us

Shaping politics rather than letting it happen is more important today than ever before. We are curious what drives you, what you want to change. Help us to make Darmstadt better than ever before and to bring back some good vibes into politics.

Just come to one of our (digital) events, and take the opportunity to get to know us and talk about our (and your) goals for Darmstadt. We are looking forward to meeting you!

You'd rather text first? There is no suitable event for you? You want to get started right away?
Please contact Jana by mail.

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