Made in Europe.

Volt Darmstadt


And welcome to Volt Darmstadt.

Our concept is European, our agenda meets the spirit of the times and our members are highly motivated. Be a part of it, join us and let's shape our European future together!

For us, one thing is certain: Europe is not the problem, Europe is the solution. So many successful models shape the image of Europe, we just have to look and bring the best solutions home.


It's time for innovation. Both in our political actions and in our internal organization, we are leaving outdated thinking behind. We make policy based on progress and research!

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The current problems must be tackled as quickly as possible. To this end, we are taking inspiration from existing European role models. We make policies that are feasible in the long term and implementable in the short term!

Karte von Europa in lila auf weißem Grund, außen die Sterne der EU in den Farben von Volt


The major problems of our time do not stop at national borders. Solutions can only be achieved through close cooperation. We make policy that overcomes borders!

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These great people are working here in Darmstadt on a future - Made in Europe

Portrait von Ann Schilling. Sie trägt ein weißes T-Shirt mit lila Volt-Schriftzug und steht vor einem Blätter-Hintergrund.

Anna Schilling

City Lead

Portrait von Philipp Rall vor lila Hintergrund. Philipp trägt ein lila Sweathshirt mit weißem Volt-Logo.

Philipp Rall

City Lead

Portrait von Maik Richter, der sich lässig gegen eine Wand lehnt

Maik Richter

City Lead

Portrait von Melissa Bernardi. Sie trägt ein weißes T-Shirt mit Volt-Schriftzug. Im Hintergrund sind warmweiße Kronleuchter zu sehen.

Melissa Bernardi

Team Mediator

Nicolas Kämmerer Profil Pic

Nicolas Kämmerer

Community Lead


Kim Pfaff

Equality Genius

Portrait von Holger Klötzner

Holger Klötzner

Department Head for Education and Digital Affairs of the City of Darmstadt

Person Placeholder

… and when are you joining?

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There is always something going on with us! Every 2nd Thursday and every 4th Wednesday of the month we come together for our political evenings. First, we get all the important information about the party and the parliamentary group in a short and concise way. Afterwards we have a lively exchange about current political events. This is an excellent opportunity to get informed and to get actively involved.

But politics is not the only thing on the agenda: every 3rd Wednesday of the month is team evening. The focus here is on various joint team activities. From games to creative workshops - there's something for everyone.

If you want to learn more about our events or just want to drop by, send us an email at darmstadt@voltdeutschland.org. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Get Involved

Shaping politics yourself rather than letting it happen is more important today than ever before. We are curious what moves you, what you want to change. Help us to make Darmstadt even better and to bring some good mood back into politics.

Just come to one of our events and take the opportunity to get to know us and talk to us about our goals for Darmstadt. We look forward to seeing you!

You would rather write to us first? There is no suitable event for you? You want to get started right away? Contact our Community Lead Nicolas!

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Volt Darmstadt elsewhere

In addition to our website, you can also find us on various social media platforms. There we regularly post updates, photos and news. If you want to get an insight into what's going on with us and where we are active, follow us or just write us. There are many ways to get in touch!