Our Policies

What do we want?

As a political party, our content is naturally also in the foreground and is one of our special features. What we bring is a new approach to politics. Our concern is to pursue progressive, pragmatic and pan-European politics. What does that mean in concrete terms for the individual levels?

For Europe


What also makes us unique is our networking across Europe. As a pan-European party, we write our program for Europe together with Bulgaria, Portugal, Sweden, Italy and many other European countries and orient our national policies around these core demands.

For Germany


Considering the upcoming federal election, it is of course exciting to know what difference a new party wants to make in Germany. With our focus on Europe, digital issues, climate, education, social market economy 4.0, migration and health, we will soon present our BTW21 program.

For Bamberg


Think European, act local: That is our motto. As a local team, we naturally always try to move Bamberg forward. Be it through a Digital Chief Officer, the citizens' budget, the purple dot or through increased social housing construction: We act pragmatically, progressively and pan-European also on the local level!