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Welcome to Volt Bamberg

Volt was founded in 2018 as the first pan-European party on the occasion of the Brexit vote. Because we are convinced that togetherness is better than opposition.

In May 2019 Volt was the first pan-European party with a transnational, joint election programme to run in the European elections and made it into the European Parliament.

But politics is not only made in Brussels; much of what concerns us is decided on the spot in the town hall. In the meantime Volt has also been successful in several local elections, from Germany to Bulgaria.

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Get to know us and come to one of our Events. We organize Meet & Greets and group discussions every two weeks. Currently all of our events take place online.

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Donations to Volt Germany are tax deductible. You can get back up to 50% of your donation (see below). In addition, every donated Euro is subsidised by the state with up to 45 Cent and thus means a donation of 1,45 Euro to Volt Germany.