Wahlen in 2021

Hier kannst Du uns wählen.

In Deutschland

First success for Europe in the Bundestag elections!

We can be proud of ourselves! In our first federal election we achieved 0.4 percent from a standing start!

We already have great support for our vision! Not only in urban areas do we hit the European nerve of the voters, but we were also able to convince in the rural regions.

For a new and young party like us, this is an outstanding result. Let's pick up where we left off! In the four state elections in 2022, the many local elections in 2024 and the big European election in 2024, we can once again give everything for a New Politics and a New Europe.

We say from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!

YouTube: #GenerationEuropa: Unser Wahlwerbespot zur Bundestagswahl 2021 | Volt Deutschland

Zukunft Made in Europe

Find information about the elections in Berlin here:

As a team, we did a great election campaign and already set a bold impulse for Europe! With you, we are even stronger in the coming elections! Now it's your turn: Be brave! Join the Change!

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In Europa


Im Oktober 2021 finden in Portugal Regional- und Kommunalwahlen statt.


Am 16. November 2021 finden in Dänemark Kommunalwahlen statt.

Übersicht von Volt Europa

Auf der Seite von Volt Europa findest du weitere Informationen zu den Wahlen, an denen Volt sich beteiligt: