Tjark Zimmer

Tjark Zimmer

Member of Aachen City Council and Chairman of the Volt city council faction in Aachen

European from Aachen: I moved to Aachen four years ago. Originally I come from Bornheim near Cologne, where I was born.

Profession: Until the end of summer 2020, I worked in the presidium of the student parliament of RWTH Aachen University as Deputy President. I resigned from this position, which was also a political one, due to my council mandate and started working in the AStA as a project manager for housing.

Education: I am studying industrial engineering and management, specialising in civil engineering, specialising in urban and transport planning.

What has motivated me to join Volt

My best friend was Hungarian. She is a great person, nice, smart and dedicated. We trusted each other completely and could talk about everything except politics.

At the latest at the beginning of the "refugee crisis" it became clear that despite all our common ground we were brought up differently and also have a completely different environment. For her, Orban had done the right thing, building a fence was a good idea, rejecting the refugees was the right way. Why doesn't the German government do everything if it wants to help so urgently?

For me, it was always right to help these people who are trying to make a good life, or even a life for themselves, in their moments of need. For me, we are in a very happy and privileged situation here in Europe, which gives us the opportunity and also the duty to provide this help.

There were similar problems with the issues of equality of the LGBTQ* community or freedom of the press, as the Hungarian opposition uses these only for propaganda purposes.

Among other things, these differences drove us apart. Just as many nations in the EU are drifting apart.

Emerging nationalism and an ever-increasing shift to the right are just a few examples.

That is why I came to Volt, so that this would not happen and so that we could fight against it together.

Goals for my mandate

To me it is important that people should have the opportunity to contribute to political decisions, to understand what politicians do correctly, but also to point out mistakes.

That is why there must be more opportunities to participate and to obtain information. In Aachen, we are therefore calling for a better digitalisation of the city and direct involvement of the population, such as by a citizens' council.

Furthermore, currently we are currently on the way to the biggest crisis in human history; we are already living on a planet shaken by climate change. If we still want to stop the climate collapse, we must act now and Aachen must make its contribution.

Among other things, we are calling for a city centre with few cars, a climate-neutral public transport system which must be urgently expanded, and a speedy implementation of the "cycling decision" to make cycling safe and worthwhile again.