Jörg Bogozcek - Volt Aachen

Jörg Bogoczek

Member of the City Council of Aachen. Vice-Chairman of the "DieZukunft" parliamentary group for the first 15 months of the parliamentary term, then chairman of the group for the second 15 months of the parliamentary term. Member of the Committee on the Environment and Climate Protection of the City of Aachen.

European from Aachen: I was born in Dorsten, located between the southern Münster region and the northern Ruhr area. After my studies in Cologne, my wife and I moved to Aachen in 1998. What I like about Aachen is its proximity to the border with the Netherlands and Belgium.

Profession: Graduate engineer in supply engineering (FH) and work in project management of technical building services for a subsidiary of the University Hospital of Cologne.

Education: After my training as a central heating and ventilation engineer, I completed my studies in supply engineering. The projects I supervise focus on the construction of buildings for the healthcare and laboratory sector, including the necessary infrastructure. This currently also includes the construction of a plant for the use of near-surface groundwater for heating and cooling several buildings

What has motivated me to join Volt

My final trigger for my involvement with Volt was a documentary about Volt on the Franco-German cultural channel Arte before the European elections.

However, the UK's withdrawal from the EU and growing populism in Europe were the main driving forces behind my involvement with Volt.

What I find inspiring about Volt is the thematic cooperation between members at the European level. Best Practices works.

Goals for my mandate

The pragmatic orientation of Volt must now also be implemented in Aachen City Council. Transparency, proximity to the citizens, climate protection, and sustainability, as well as also innovative concepts such as the promotion of start-up companies in the Aachen city centre and solutions to the shortage of skilled workers, will be part of my municipal policy in Aachen City Council. The following topics are particularly important to me:

  • Expansion of cooperation in the Euregio and stronger cooperation of the City of Aachen with European institutions, associations and municipalities.
  • Climate neutrality through sustainable restructuring, especially in the areas of mobility and energy.
  • Ecological and climate-oriented urban planning.
  • City of the future: digital, transparent, close to citizens. Live streaming of council and committee meetings. Establishment of a citizens' and youth advisory council.
  • Digitalisation of schools.
  • Temporary provision of sales and workshop areas for start-up companies, e.g. fashion, art and design.
  • Establishment of an internship exchange for female pupils and students.
  • Creation of a location register for charging infrastructure for e-mobility.
  • Implementation of the Aachen cycling decision.
  • Introduction of a 365 € ticket based on the Viennese model.